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According to Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity, coincidences are often the result of invisible forces and dynamics. They may actually be meant to be. In The Police’s case, Synchronicity brought them a Grammy for Song of the Year in 1984, and “Every Breath You Take” took the top of the charts in 15 different countries. Synchronicity was also The Police’s final album. Though they were on the verge of breaking up even before the recording sessions finished, the band’s tension resulted in something truly wonderful. On September 8th, we bring the whole album to Buckhead Theatre, and when you’re dancing to our curated artists, it’ll be more than just coincidence.


Jon Mclaughlin
Kenosha Kid
Ansley Steward
Rick Lollar
Desmond Myers

Side A
1.Synchronicity I
2.Walking In Your Footsteps
3.Oh My God
5.Miss Grandenko
6.Synchronicity II

Side B
7.Every Breath You Take
8.King of Pain
9.Wrapped Around Your Finger
10.Tea in the Sahara
11.Murder By Numbers

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