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Due to the global effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, many local artists are struggling personally and professionally.  Lucrative live events, large gatherings, & concerts of all types have been largely eliminated from the social landscape, with many in the industry predicting that live, in-person performances won’t resume fully until sometime later in 2021.

With the live music industry holding more questions than answers, the ATL Collective has moved swiftly to create a crisis relief fund we call the “With The Band Fund” – a resource dedicated to help members of the live music community in crisis.  This find inspired by the vision of the Atlanta we all want to return to; fueled by our passion for the artists who make Atlanta uniquely creative and attractive place to live; and funded by individuals and businesses who care about sustaining and building our City’s artistic culture, the With The Band Fund will make relief grants available to locally-based musicians who are facing critical circumstances and needs.

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    After you have completed the application, you may be asked to provide follow up information at the request of the committee. If you have any questions, please contact support@withthebandfund.org.

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