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The With The Band live musician disaster relief fund exists to support working live musicians in times of crisis. Inspired by the vision of the Atlanta we all want to return to post covid; fueled by our passion for the artists who make Atlanta uniquely creative and attractive place to live; and funded by individuals and businesses who care about sustaining and building our City’s artistic culture, the With The Band Fund will provide financial support to locally-based musicians facing immediate crisis. The fund supports individuals and families who support themselves financially through live music performance or production who are experiencing financial hardship due to a recent disaster such as a medical (including mental-health), fire or flood, theft, death of a family member, or other critical financial setback.

If you are a full-time live musician or directly support live music production and are experiencing disaster-related financial hardship, please complete the form below. If you know a musician who you believe may be a candidate for financial support, please contact Support at support@withthebandfund.org with more information to make a referral.

*All information shared in this application is kept strictly confidential. No ATL Collective team members are able to access individual applications or the status of any specific application, and the selection committee is made up of independent board members.

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    After you have completed the application, you may be asked to provide additional documentation related to your crisis, including financial information and/or professional references. For additional questions or information, please contact James Watson at james@atlcollective.org.

    IMPORTANT: All information shared in this form is kept strictly confidential. All decisions are made by a small independent committee. At no point are any ATL Collective team members privy to any information in this form, or the outcome of support decisions made by the committee (unless you choose to share information).

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