Sometimes Things Are Beyond Your Control

With many working live-musicians making ends meet on a gig-by-gig basis, the ATL Collective, through the generous support of the community, has built the With The Band Fund crisis relief fund. This financial resource is dedicated to help members of the live music community in crisis. Inspired by the vision of the Atlanta we longed for post-Covid-19, fueled by our passion for the artists who make Atlanta a uniquely creative and attractive place to live, and funded by individuals and businesses who care about sustaining and building our City’s artistic culture, the With The Band Fund makes relief grants available to locally-based musicians who are facing critical circumstances and needs.

Working live-musicians in the Atlanta / North Georgia region are encouraged to apply if they are experiencing financial hardship due to unexpected medical, theft, fire, death of a family member, or other financial shock. The process is quick and confidential and is administered by a team of volunteer board members. We also welcome referrals from caring community members. Please contact for questions about the process and referrals.

Click below to apply. If you don’t have all your materials at hand, please apply anyway and we’ll follow up for additional information as needed.

With the Band Disaster Relief Fund Application