1. Silent Night – feat. Brenda Nicole Moorer
  2. Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town – feat. Desmond Myers
  3. Jesus Born on This Day
  4. Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) – feat. PRISCA
  5. O Holy Night – feat. Brenda Nicole Moorer
  6. Rock of Ages-Ma’oz Tzur – feat. Hannah Zale
  7. Jesus Oh What a Wonderful Child – feat. Desmond Myers
  8. Joy to the World – Hannah Zale, bgvs, sax
  9. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – feat. Norman Frank
  10. All I Want for Christmas Is You – feat. PRISCA & Brenda Nicole Moorer
  11. Fantasy – feat. Desmond Myers & Hannah Zale
  12. Dreamlover – feat. PRISCA & Brenda Nicole Moorer
  13. Always Be My Baby

Featured original set by Desmond Myers



The choice to relive Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas” might feel intuitive or kind of ridiculous. I think historical musicologist Matthew Mugmom summarizes the reason behind our choice best: “The origins and growth of the symphony orchestra are closely bound up with the music of Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms, all composers who died before the 20th century started. Orchestras rarely play recent music; they focus on the music of those older composers. The same kind of thing is going on with Christmas music, but instead of Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms, we’re talking about Gene Autry, Chuck Berry and Brenda Lee.

Every once in a while, a song does break through and stay there, like the Mariah Carey hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You” from 1994. But don’t count on it happening very often. “When it comes to holiday music, Mariah did something pretty striking. Besides the obvious commercial success of “All I Want for Christmas is You”, this album captures what is both really weird and completely natural about Christmas music. Like Yoko and John under the mistletoe, materialism and the sacred come together. It’s an odd pairing that accounts for the phenomena of Christmas mass media.

Journalist Rich Juzwiak summarizes the challenge of recreating the music through line of this album Mariah’s voice: “The album is a holiday portrait of Carey’s voice in its prime. She took words that had one syllable and gave them five. She hit the ground enraptured, attacking first verses with gusto, and then swung back around, aiming at the melody like she was attempting to cut off its head at an angle. She made it look easy, but at the same time, hard.”



PRISCA (@hellyeahprisca) is a cinematic pop artist who is showing all of her colors on stage through her music. She is a vocal acrobat, producer, and storyteller that will leave you wondering if she is some type of alien. This soulful songstress has been called upon to write for independent and well seasoned artists and was hand picked by Kelly Clarkson to share the stage during her “Piece by Piece” Tour

She also topped the charts with a #1 hit on iTunes for her song “Kamikaze” featured on KB’s album 100, and has toured as a singer for Ben Folds during his symphonic orchestra concert series. Also, she’s brought many of our Preservation Series shows to life as a Music Director.







ATL Collective’s Preservation Series is a local music program wherein timeless albums are artfully covered by local musicians and artists, track-by-track in sequence, oftentimes with storytelling, original curated sets, and immersive elements. The show will raise funds for ATL Collective, a 510c3 non-profit enriching lives by uniting Atlanta’s music community and providing resources to sustain musical careers. ATL C seeks to build an ecosystem that celebrates the cultural vibrancy of Atlanta and connects undiscovered artists with new audiences.

For over 10 years, ATL Collective has reimagined over 75 timeless albums and built a significant connection hub for the Atlanta’s music community while doing so. Additionally ATL C, hosts Camp Collective which provides the relationships needed to holistically support working songwriters by creating an experience for personal, creative, and professional growth through mentored studio sessions, expert-led panels, and community-building forums. Finally, In 2021 ATL Collective also launched the With the Band Fund, a crisis fund for live musicians.

We’re auctioning a Midnight jacket and Little Bear gift certificate.


In 2023, ATL Collective was able to follow through on our strategic emphasis to expand revenue opportunities, build staffing capacity, and establish a content plan.

Additionally, we held a week-long songwriting camp, seven Preservation Series shows, and distributed support to musicians in need. Thank you for helping us get there. Here’s to a more impactful 2024!


Campers & Producers: 52

Avg. New Connections: 20.5

Avg. Projects Completed: 2.5

Usefulness Rating (0-10): 8.9


Preservation Series Shows: 7

Musicians who received work & connections via ATL C shows: 80+


Sade’s Love Deluxe: February 9th, 2024 at City Winery