Everything In Its Right Place feat. Robby Handley

Kid A feat. Indee

The National Anthem feat. Ansley Stewart

How To Disappear Completely feat. Ansley Stewart

Treefingers instrumental

Optimistic feat. Indee

In Limbo feat. Anita Aysola

Idioteque feat. Ansley Stewart

Morning Bell  feat. Anita Aysola

Motion Picture Soundtrack  feat. Anita & Indee

Untitled instrumental


Featured original set by Indee


As a member of the Zac Brown Band , Matt Mangano is no stranger to Atlanta music, having gleaned early on in his career from the city’s musical ecosystem. As such, our neighbor, now living in Nashville was a natural “About the Album” pick for KID A. 

“The year 2000 was a transformative year in many ways. On the heels of the Y2K scare and reeling from an influx of post-grunge rock, music was ripe for a revolution. Having recently arrived in Atlanta following a 3-year stint at music college in Boston, I had been heavily influenced by Radiohead’s OK Computer. The vast sonic landscapes of OK Computer were a world unto themselves, and revered by young musicians of the day. When the highly anticipated Kid A was released, I was one of the first in line at Tower Records to get my copy.

When I popped the CD into my car, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Kid A sounded

nothing like the grandiose production of OK Computer. The sounds were dry and immediate, and relied heavily on synthesizers – an unfamiliar timbre compared to the guitar-laden world to which I was accustomed. Radiohead had flipped the script and headed in a strangely different direction. As the album progressed, its stark nature subsided, and the songs continued to unfold and evolve. As the album played on, the band began to incorporate familiar sounds – bass guitar ostinatos, swirling electric guitars, and undeniable drum grooves. Thom Yorke’s brilliant melody writing was on full display, and at times the harmonic instruments completely stripped away, leaving only the vocal and a very lo-fi sounding drum program. Odd but familiar time signatures appeared so subtly that the casual listener might never notice. Instruments unusual to electric rock bands such as a horn section and the harmonium were ever present.

The final song gave a burst of crystalline sound, and suddenly silence. The album finished with almost an ellipse…and I wanted more. So I started again from Track 1. And then I got it – Everything In Its Right Place. On the second listen I devoured the record – every note, every sound, every word became apparent. I had a new perspective on what music could be, and it wouldn’t be long before many other musicians would have a similar experience.”



Bass player and music director mastermind, Robby has curated the majority of ATL Collective shows since 2015 and has helped give shape to multiple . He has played with Lera Lynn, Faye Webster, Kenosha Kid and Of Montreal – and houses his own music under the moniker Sleepy Guest.


Indee (@indeestar1111)

Anita Aysola (@anitaaysola)

Ansley Stewart (@ansleystewartsi)


Dan Nettles (of @kenoshakid)

JoJo Glidewell (@gardsyvis of @of_montreal)

Darren Stanley (@darren_a_stanley of @perpetualgroove)

Colin Agnew (@colinagnew)

Emcee: Adan Bean (@adanbean)

Led and curated by Robby Handley (@rubberbeartoe of Sleepy Guest)




ATL Collective’s Preservation Series is a local music program wherein timeless albums are artfully covered by local musicians and artists, track-by-track in sequence, oftentimes with storytelling, original curated sets, and immersive elements. The show will raise funds for ATL Collective, a 510c3 non-profit enriching lives by uniting Atlanta’s music community and providing resources to sustain musical careers. ATL C seeks to build an ecosystem that celebrates the cultural vibrancy of Atlanta and connects undiscovered artists with new audiences. 

For over 10 years, ATL Collective has reimagined over 75 timeless albums and built a significant connection hub for the Atlanta’s music community while doing so. Additionally ATL C, hosts Camp Collective which provides the relationships needed to holistically support working songwriters by creating an experience for personal, creative, and professional growth through mentored studio sessions, expert-led panels, and community-building forums. Finally, In 2021 ATL Collective also launched the With the Band Fund, a crisis fund for live musicians. 


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Stevie Wonder “Songs in the Key of Life”

May 13 at the Kirkwood Spring Fling –  Bessie Branham Park