Before she broke out onto the Collective stage in 2019, experimental Atlanta songstress Indee described herself as a “longtime admirer” of Atlanta’s music scene. As an artist “yearning for community,” Indee knew she wanted to get her foot in the door when she attended her first ATL Collective show. Her impact was solidified after her first Collective performance, Radiohead’s OK Computer at Terminal West in 2016.

Through connecting and performing with other ATL C alumni, Indee has developed a network of collaborators and a supportive local community. She describes her experience working with a range of musicians as “emotionally grounding”.

And despite a tough pandemic year filled with months of restrictions on social gatherings, Indee discusses the overwhelmingly positive response of her musician peers. She was impressed, but not surprised at their “beautiful and persevering” reaction to adversity.

“A lot of musicians were checking on one another, everyone reached out to show support and understanding.”

It’s in the tough times that we learn the strength of our people.

Through ATL Collective’s professional development series, Hump Day Hang, Indee has found further acceptance in the local music scene. These moments of community building provide inspiration and empowerment for when she asks herself the question, “Should I keep doing this?”