About the Album

Saturday March 1st is fast approaching. Get your tickets now for what may be our best show yet: The Talking Heads’ 1983 release, Speaking in Tongues (boasting their biggest hit ever “Burning Down the House.”) This show is at The Goat Farm, Atlanta’s coolest art an performance space. And we’ll be featuring Athens’ band Reptar as well as local musicians Hello Ocho and Natasha Williams.

The promotional tour for this very album was documented by Jonathan Demme and turned into “Stop Making Sense,” one of the finest music films ever made. The movie title and the album title reveal one aspect of David Bryne’s musical method that makes him unique. He freed his writing process from the shackles of reason, singing nonsense and then crafting lyrics out of the gibberish. He silenced his inner critic, allowing the animal spirit of the music prevail. Of course “speaking in tongues” also refers to a sort of religious vocalization brought on by a spiritual epiphany. We think you’ll have such an epiphany on March 1st, and you can decide for yourself whether the Talking Heads were just making nonsense or creating a work of holy proportions.



  • Reptar (Headlining Artist)
  • Hello Ocho
  • Paige Williams

Side A


Burning Down The House


Making Flippy Floppy


Girlfriend Is Better


Slippery People


I Get Wild / Wild Gravity

Side B




Moon Rocks


Pull Up The Roots


This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)