About the Album

For many of us, this album needs no introduction. But for the rest, allow us to present Crosby, Stills & Nash’s 1969 self-titled debut release (Atlantic Records). The first track is “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” (the love song to Judy Collins). Imagine putting a 7 ½ minute song first on an album today? Maybe if it’s a song like that it would still fly. Both it and “Marrakesh Express” charted in the Billboard Hot 100, though neither broke into the top 20. The album itself reach #6 on the charts, but that does a discredit to its legacy. Of course, “Wooden Ships” and “Helplessy Hoping” also are on this release, showcasing the harmonies that the supergroup would come to be known for. The album was self-produced, and the songwriting was spread fairly evenly among the trio. Despite how perfectly the three blend vocally, there is only one co-write on the album. “Wooden Ships” was penned by David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Paul Kantner (the only guest writer on the record). In many ways the success of this album paved the way for the whole Laurel Canyon and Californiasound (including Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, etc.) and the eventual industry domination of manager and label mogul David Geffen. Ultimately, the record would receive top reviews across the board and made Rollingstone’s 2003 list of the 500 Best Albums of All Time.



  • Lera Lynn
  • Adron 
  • The Shadowboxers

Side A


Suite: Judy Blue Eyes


Marrakesh Express




You Don’t Have To Cry


Pre-Road Downs

Side B


Wooden Ships


Lady Of The Island


Helplessly Hoping


Long Time Gone


49 Bye-Byes