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Revolver represents the Beatles’ first truly experimental album, yet, in true Beatles’ fashion, each song is incredibly memorable and accessible. Eleanor Rigby, For No One and Here, There And Everywhere are still known as some of the most beautiful and beloved songs Paul ever wrote, while Taxman and I Want To Tell You are still considered the best compositions George had done up to that point. Yellow Submarine would later inspire a feature animated film, its youthful spirit a stark contrast to the wistful notes and mood encapsulating lyrics to some of John’s contributions to the album: I’m Only Sleeping and She Said She Said.

With the release of Revolver, the Beatles officially became recording artists rather than performers, able to happily focus on the more fulfilling art of crafting records rather than having to squeeze in any songwriting time from the road or between television and film appearances. After Revolver, they were finally free to be the artists they were always destined to become.


Molly Parden
Death on Two Wheels
Micah Dalton
Eliot Bronson

Side A
2.Eleanor Rigby
3.I’m Only Sleeping
4.Love You To
5.Here, There And Everywhere
6.Yellow Submarine
7.She Said She Said

Side B
8.Good Day Sunshine
9.And Your Bird Can Sing
10.For No One
11.Dr. Robert
12.I Want To Tell You
13.Got To Get You Into My Life
14.Tomorrow Never Knows

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