About the Album

Sir Paul McCartney, known first and foremost for his role as a knight by those obsessed with British nobility, was also a member of a band called the Beatles as the other 99.9% of the world knows. When the band broke up—a bit like the disbanding of the Knights of the Round Table, perhaps—Paul set out on his own. He did okay for himself, so don’t feel too bad. Ultimately he formed the band Wings. But before doing so, he released two albums on his own. On Friday Jan 24th at Elliott St Pub: the ATL Collective is back to present the second of those two releases: Paul and Linda McCartney’s Ram.

You know the animal (or maybe you don’t), but now you can get to know the album. We’ve called on one of Atlanta’s finest musicians (and animal lovers) Robby Handley to curate. Yes, the man normally behind the bass is taking the, well, the ram by the horns. He’s brought in a lineup to which most other lineups should bow down. Who you ask? Hang on, we’re just about to tell you: Adron, Lera Lynn, Cicada Rhythm and Sleepy Guest.

Released on May 17, 1971, this album was a big deal. Some see it as the first indie pop album ever made. Like a lot of indie art, it was panned by most critics, of course in this case it was potentially because most critics were still in mourning and shock from the breakup of the band.



  • Sleepy Guest (Curator)
  • Lera Lynn
  • Adron
  • Cicada Rhythm

Side A


Too Many People


3 Legs


Ram On


Dear Boy


Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey


Smile Away

Side B


Heart of the Country


Monkberry Moon Delight


Eat at Home


Long Haired Lady


Rm On (Reprise)


The Back Seat of My Car