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Our 10th annual reliving of “Love Deluxe” with other Sade faves hit the stage at 9:30, February 9th at City Winery. Curated by Khari Cabral Simmons, this was the first installment of our 2024 Preservation Series, built to help you discover your new favorite artists while singing your old favorite songs.


  • Lavahi
  • Cleveland P. Jones
  • Suzy Jones
  • Brenda Nicole Moorer
  • Anita Aysola

Side A

1. No Ordinary Love
2. Feel No Pain
3. I Couldn’t Love You More
4. Like a Tattoo

Side B

5. Kiss of Life
6. Cherish the Day
7. Pearls
8. Bullet Proof Soul
9. Mermaids

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