About the Album

In partnership with the WABE and City Lights, ATL Collective will relive the “Soul of Georgia” by way of the historic Royal Peacock venue. A symbol of cultural vibrancy on Auburn Avenue in the 50s and 60s, the Peacock hosted an array of soul music innovators from Little Richard, to Sam Cooke, to Nina Simone. Curated by drummer (tag Lil’ John Roberts) (Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson) the program will highlight current and emerging soul artists through timeless voices such as Lee Moses, Aretha Franklin, and Nat King Cole. Come discover your new favorite artists while singing your old favorite songs. This outdoor concert as part of the Georgia Tech Skyline Series is a great opportunity to celebrate music and community while staying safe.


  • Lil John
  • Tres Gilbert
  • Brandon Thomas 
  • Medina Terry 
  • Kameron Corvette
  • Rahbi
  • Kipper Jones