Brenda Nicole Moorer has been performing professionally since she was 16. By now, the ATlanta vocalist has sung on stages all over the country from festivals, theatres, cafes and concert venues. We’re lucky to have crossed paths with her in 2014, during our reliving of Sade’s Lovers Rock. 

Through ATL Collective’s diverse retellings of classic albums, Brenda has been able to discover new “pockets” of music, whether it’s unfamiliar styles, artists or eras. By working on albums out of artists’ comfort zones, ATL Collective “brings musicians across genres.” Brenda realizes that that has led her to discover a broader range in her own talent and abilities.

Alongside new styles of music, ATL Collective has also introduced Brenda to new artists, opening doors. During Funk to the People, our celebration of James Brown, she met Booker T. Jones, making way for an invaluable relationship. After becoming acquainted with Booker T., she joined his tour in California and performed with him at the Telluride Festival.

As she describes it, ATL Collective offers “opportunities for performances”, further sustaining the careers of musicians. Of course, the onset of COVID-19 changed all that. Brenda describes it as a “whirlwind shock”. In the first week of March, all of her gigs through August, including a summer festival performance, were cancelled. Brenda appreciates, though, how the local music community were committed to looking out for one another. “We’ve been calling to make sure we have each other’s backs. In general, the Atlanta music community is loving. I’m not surprised that it’s been supportive.”

Brenda credits ATL Collective for helping to build that vital community.. “I’m glad artists are getting help expanding their platform.” While we work to help musicians navigate this crisis financially and professionally, we’re glad to be in alignment with Atlanta music and culture.