Andres Sosa first discovered ATL Collective as an audience member. “I was instantly hooked on the concept of ATL Collective after seeing my friend Adron perform at the Stevie Wonder Inner Visions show. I’ve been involved ever since.”

Drawn by the music but compelled by the concept of bringing the city’s talent together, it was just a matter of time before Sosa would get involved.

Our job is to notice great potential and talent on and off stage, and it was clear that Andres had a huge amount of both. He quickly became a crucial part of our family and the Atlanta music scene as a performer and an engineer, and he has stayed as such over the past decade.

Andres’ love for and interest in the Collective propelled him to pursue a career in sound engineering. He went on to mix sound for dozens of our shows, performed onstage, and even acted as Music Director for our Portishead show. In the process, he has built a robust network of local musicians that has led to amazing opportunities.

“ATL Collective touches people in many ways. You get to collaborate with people you wouldn’t otherwise. It creates the opportunity to get in the room with a bunch of really talented people and that’s powerful to me.”

Andres eventually became close with the team at Terminal West and joined them full time as an engineer. His career continues to grow as he tours with acts like Kali Uchis and Blackbear and offers his live and in-studio talents for a number of musicians and venues in Atlanta and Nashville.

“There’s a lot of everything in Atlanta when it comes to music. ATL Collective introduces you to something new and local and gives you more opportunities to get your name out there. To see and be seen. It’s a great contribution to the culture of this town.”