Amena’s love for Atlanta music has deep roots. She’s lived in the city since 1998. As a poet, spoken word artist, and freelance journalist, she has contributed her voice and heart to the scene. Amena values the diversity ATL Collective has nurtured, how the organization brings together community and breaks down racial and gender barriers.

For over 15 years, she’s been covering music for a variety of outlets around the city. “I love our music community,” Amena states. “I love the diversity in our music scene on all fronts. Generationally, culturally, and in the genre of music.” She recalls going to venues pre-pandemic and being excited by the vast range of styles being played, from hip-hop to folk. Amena first discovered the Collective over a decade ago at a Beatles show back on Edgewood Avenue. She has seen firsthand how audience members get to know the artists and become fans. It’s a spirit of togetherness that makes a real impact on musicians.

Ultimately, Amena became a host for the Collective. Her first show she presented was part of the Apolla Series. “It was really beautiful to see women being celebrated.” She recalls, too, the Anita Baker show, which featured some of Anita Baker’s band mates. “These are musicians that could pull down some pretty high numbers in pay. They are doing ATL Collective out of love, because they love the music and the Atlanta music community.”

For Amena, ATL Collective supports and celebrates the best of what Atlanta is about, a beautifully diverse community of talented and dedicated musicians.