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Daydream Nation

January, 25 2019 | 529

On January 25th, ATL Collective is piloting a new series called “Double Take,” as we relive albums that have been disruptive and innovative in popular music. In doing so, curation will prioritize bold improvisation and interpretation. We can think of no better album to inaugurate this program than Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation – an album that, in many ways, gave voice to the attitude we file as “indie.” Come listen with us as tip our hats to these pioneers of underground rock at East Atlanta’s 529.

Rose Hotel
Daniel DeWitt Music
Black Linen
Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel

Side 1:

1. Teen Age Riot
2. Silver Rocket
3. The Sprawl
4. Cross the Breeze
5. Eric
6. Total Trash

Side 2:

7. Hey Joni
8. Providence
9. Candle
10. Rain King
11. Kissability
12. Trilogy (The Wonder, Hyperstation, Elimanator Jr.)