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Brown Sugar

November, 18 2017 | Venkman's

D’Angleo wrote the song “Brown Sugar” while messing around on the piano while the computer crashed in the recording studio. He was working with Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Muhammad asked him what he was playing and asked him to play it again. He programmed a quick beat, and D’Angelo replayed the progression. In about twenty minutes the bones were there. The song would receive a Grammy Nomination and change the whole trajectory of D’Angelo’s career. So pause before you moan next time your computer crashes. We’re going to bring this gem back to life along with every other shimmering cut on D’Angelo’s debut at Venkman’s Sat 11/18.

Side 1:

1. Brown Sugar
2. Alright
3. Jonz in My Bonz
4. Me and Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine
5. Sh*t Damn Motherf*cker
6. Smooth

Side 2:

7. Cruising
8. When We Get By
9. Lady
10. Higher