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Stronger Than Pride

May, 28 2016 | Venkman's

Welcome to Stronger Than Pride, Sade’s third studio album. Released in 1988, three years after the release of the band’s sophomore album, Promise. According to a BBC review, the album is “a confident, post-fame release, full of infectious, hushed musical sophistication, making it impossible to dislike.” Though recorded in France and the Bahamas, the sound is similar to Sade’s first two releases: gentle ballads and mid-tempo funk. Some hooks just repeat over looping grooves. And as always, Sade Adu’s vocals are buttery and smooth, blending into the arrangements at times like one of the other instruments. Sit back and let the sounds wash over you

Side 1:

1. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
2. Paradise
3. Nothing Can Come Between Us
4. Haunt Me
5. Turn My Back On You

Side 2:

6. Keep Looking
7. Clean Heart
8. Give It Up
9. I Never Thought I
10. Siempre Hay Esperanza