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Stronger Than Pride

May, 26 2018 | Venkmans

Welcome to Stronger Than Pride, Sade’s third studio recording, released in thirty years ago in April of 1988. Recorded in France and the Bahamas, the album wasn’t quite the smash hit that her debut and sophomore releases were, but still, it went multi-platinum. As the BBC review put it, Pride is “a confident, post-fame release, full of infectious, hushed musical sophistication, making it impossible to dislike.” Though there are surges of increased energy at times on this album, the tone is primarily subdued, confident, and cool, without obvious attempts at pop hooks. Sade’s voice is, as always, the prime captivator, smooth and sultry, with the arrangements allowing her to speak without having to raise her voice. The Nigerian born and English raised artist has long seemed to avoid the limelight and is known to distrust the media. Her music speaks for itself and does so by drawing you ever closer. It’s a timeless sound and style that perhaps can remind us, amid today’s noise and bombast, of the power of reserve.

– Brenda Nicole Moorer
– Maleke O’Ney
– Paula Champion
House Band:
– Khari Cabral Simmons
– Kyle Williams
– Charles L. Garner
– Rafael Pereira
– Rodney Edge
– Vinnie D’agostino

Side 1:

1. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
2. Paradise
3. Nothing Can Come Between US
4. Haunt Me
5. Turn My Back On You

Side 2:

6. Keep Looking
7. Clean Heart
8. Give It Up
9. I Never Thought I
10. Siempre Hay Esperanza