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The Bends

June, 08 2019 | 529

That’s right, we ain’t messing around. This is Radiohead’s 1995 sophomore release, a sonic powerhouse that changed the course of British pop and indie rock the world over. This will serve as the second edition to the Collective’s Double Take Series.

ATL Collective has never been about covering classic records – we celebrate timeless works of art and the innovators who created them. It’s that spirit we see in so many of our local music makers, and it’s that spirit that spawned our Double Take Series – timeless albums bravely interpreted in a way that honors the work and highlights the sounds of Atlanta This is where we let our musicians make the music their own. Come hear Radiohead’s “The Bends” like you’ve never heard it before on SAT 6/8 at 529.

Dara Carter | Karaoke | Indee Killed the Pop Star | Marshall Ruffin | Anthony Aparo & more

Side 1:

1. Planet Telex
2. The Bends
3. High And Dry
4. Fake Plastic Trees
5. Bones
6. Nice Dream

Side 2:

7. Just
8. My Iron Lung
9. Bullet Proof ... I Wish I Was
10. Black Star
11. Sulk
12. Street Spirit (Fade Out)