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Journey With The Lonely

September, 01 2020

He was born Marvin Burns. But he’s better known as Lil Louis & the World. If you know him, you love him. We’ve got Khari Cabral curating and Jamal Ahmad hosting our recreation of his phenomenal Journey With the Lonely. If you believe music wasn’t meant to be heard sitting down, there’s nowhere better to be than with ATL Collective on September 1st at Venkman’s. This may well be the most danceable album in Collective history.

-Rhonda Thomas
-Kai Martin Music
-Tammy Harper (vocals & keys)

-Tyrone Gregg (keys)
-Landon Anderson (drums)
-Kebbi Williams(sax/flute)

Side 1:

1. Club Lonely
2. New Dance Beat
3. Saved My Life
4. Aahhhh!

Side 2:

5. Do U Love Me
6. You
7. Dancing In My Sleep
8. Funny How U Luv
9. Thief
10. Stare