Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround

May, 22 2011 | Eddie's Attic

ATL COLLECTIVE was established to foster the Atlanta music scene, encourage collaborations and cross-pollination and to create happenings that will inspire and entertain. For each event, they pick a classic album and handpick some of the finest in local (and sometimes national) talent. They divvy up the songs and collectively cover the album in sequence. Often there’s a food or beverage hook. Always there’s talent and interpretations that will surprise and impress. Tonight The Kinks’ “Lola vs. Powerman.”

Little Tybee
Shook Foil
Tyler Lyle
Francis Eagle
The Well Reds
Daniel Clay
Kathryn Brawley

Side 1:

1. The Contenders
2. Strangers
3. Denmark Street
4. Get Back In Line
5. Lola
6. Top Of The Pops
7. The Moneyground

Side 2:

8. This Time Tomorrow
9. A Long Way From Home
10. Rats
11. Apeman
12. Powerman
13. Got To Be Free