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The Return of the Space Cowboy

July, 16 2018 | Venkman's

Jamiroquai’s sophomore album, released in 1994, two years after their UK-chart topping debut Emergency on Planet Earth and two years before their American breakout release Traveling Without Moving. Tracks from Space Cowboy have been sampled by Missy Elliot and Tupac Shakur and used in the video game. Despite the party-friendly sonic veneer, there is lyrical depth here, with tracks like “Manifest Destiny” wrestling with social injustice and slavery. The album has sold over 4 million copies. And the title track, “Space Cowboy,” topped the US dance charts. Rolling Stone gave the record 4 out of 5 stars, writing “Jay Kay is a wonderfully nimble singer with a Stevie Wonder jones, and Jamiroquai parlay jazzy soul pop so tight it crackles… Nowadays, when most funk comes out of cans, Jamiroquai’s live spark glows.” Don’t even think about staying in your seats.

– Prisca
– Jason Eskridge
– Ganesh Lee

House Band:
– Ganesh Giri Lee
– Daniel Groover
– Rafael Pereira
– Richard Sherrington
– Mo Pleasure
– Jordan Shalhoup

Side 1:

1. Just Another Story
2. Stillness In Time
3. Half The Man
4. Light Years
5. Manifest Destiny

Side 2:

6. The Kids
7. Mr Moon
8. Scam
9. Journey To Arnhemland
10. Morning Glory
11. Space Cowboy