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The Stranger

March, 24 2018 | City Winery

Welcome to Billy Joel’s magnum opus, The Stranger. Recorded in 1977 in New York City and produced by legendary producer Phil Ramone (Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Bono, The Band, Madonna, John Coltrane, Pavarotti, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Paul Simon, the list goes on), this was Joel’s breakthrough album, and it catapulted his career into the stratospheric realm. Interestingly, Joel originally approached George Martin (of Beatles fame) to produce the record, but Martin didn’t want to use Joel’s band. Who knows what record would have come out of that collaboration, but Martin later admitted his mistake writing a letter to Joel saying “You were right; I was wrong. I should have considered working with your band. Congratulations.” The Stranger became the best selling record on Columbia Records to date. It was packed with hits: “Just the Way You Are,” “Only the Good Die Young,” “She’s Always a Woman,” “The Stranger,” and “Movin’ Out,” which later was the title of a Broadway musical based on Billy Joel’s work. Needless to say, you’re in for a real treat. So settle back and let the Piano Man’s genius unfold.

Jacob Jeffries
Blair Crimmins
Becky Herring

Side 1:

1. Movin
2. The Stranger
3. Just The Way You Are
4. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

Side 2:

5. Vienna
6. Only The Good Die Young
7. She
8. Get It Right The First Time
9. Everybody Has A Dream