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Beach Samba

August, 17 2019 | 529

529 welcomes ATL Collective back on SAT 8/17 for its presentation of Astrud Gilberto’s smoking 1967 release, Beach Samba, curated by Rafa Pereira and Anthony Aparo. This is part of the Collective’s bold Double Take Series where the best handpicked local artists boldly reinterpret classic albums.

Lineup includes:
Curators Rafa Pereira and Anthony Aparo
Fernanda Noronha (featured performer)
Peu Pereira
Mute Sphere
Zach Pyles
Grace Bellury (of KARAOKE)

Side 1:

1. Stay
2. Misty Roses
3. The Face I Love
4. A Banda (Parade)
5. Oba, Oba
6. Canoeiro

Side 2:

7. I Had the Craziest Dream
8. Bossa Na Praia (Beach Samba)
9. My Foolish Heart
10. Dia das Roses (I Think of You)
11. You Didn
12. Não Bate O Coroção (Deodato