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August, 24 2019 | Venkman's

Venkman’s proudly welcomes back ATL Collective on SAT 8/24 for their presentation of Anita Baker’s breakthrough, 1986 sophomore release, Rapture, + a few other handpicked Baker essentials. This is the album that begins with her GRAMMY-winning single, “Sweet Love,” and the hits don’t quit there. This was an evening of smooth and sultry soul.

Artia Lockett
Erika JaNae
Lola Cole
Cleveland Jones
Rodney Edge
Kenanyah Israel
Landon Anderson
John Roberts
Khari Cabral Simmons

Side 1:

1. Sweet Love
2. You Bring Me Joy
3. Caught Up In the Rapture
4. Been So Long

Side 2:

5. Mystery
6. No One In the World
7. Same Ole Love
8. Watch Your Step