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Jagged Little Pill

August, 24 2020 | Terminal West

Though expectations for Alanis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill were modest, the international debut by the young Canadian songwriter won four Grammies (including Album of the Year) and has sold over 30 million copies to date. The alt-rock masterpiece has even been recently turned into a musical. So many of us grew up with these tunes and learned to speak our minds from Morrisette’s honesty. Her record stands as an inspiration for home recorders, too. When Morrisette and producer Glen Ballard recut the instruments for the studio release of Jagged Little Pill, they used Morisette’s original demo vocals for the finished album. Two decades later, her first record is still as infectious and relevant as ever. Just try not to sing along when you hear “Ironic” or “Hand in My Pocket.”

-Sami Michaelson (of Reptile Room)
-Symone Royale
-The Pussywillows
-Haley Sheffield

House band:
-Robby Handley
-Mark (Dog) Garretson
-Neil Garrad
-Jamie Portee

Side 1:

1. All I Really Want
2. You Oughta Know
3. Perfect
4. Hand In My Pocket
5. Right Through You
6. Forgiven

Side 2:

7. You Learn
8. Head Over Feet
9. Mary Jane
10. Ironic
11. Not The Doctor
12. Wake Up