How it works

We’re inviting musicians, songwriters, and producers from across the city to gather for a collaborative experience to write, produce and record original songs with the ask, “Could you write the next timeless song – “Treasure”, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”, “The Middle”?”. Musicians will work together in homes and studios across Atlanta forming communal creative spaces where there’s freedom to explore, create, and play together. Our hope is that when we give creatives the space and resources they need to create, they will not only compose beautiful new music together but form connections that help to strengthen and grow Atlanta’s musical community and propel careers.

Throughout the time spent in the local studios, we will offer expert advice and consultation from local established musicians, producers, and those with knowledge of the industry to help cultivate strong work and impart as much knowledge as possible to participants.

Camp Collective will provide exposure for participating musicians and give them a new platform to share their work while growing awareness of ATL Collective in an organic and engaging way. The end goal of Camp Collective is to give Atlanta songwriters the tools, resources, and network to enrich their careers, while drawing from the inspiration of timeless artists.

Why we're doing it:

Camp Collective takes the ethos of ATL Collective and distills it into its purest form: Creating space for musicians to collaborate and grow together to strengthen the framework of Atlanta’s music scene. The Collective is built on four pillars: We are for the musician, radiate hospitality, are Atlantan to the core, and celebrate the power of live music. Camp Collective ideally embraces each of these pillars and shows them off in a truly tangible way.

Our goals:

– An ever-strengthening Atlanta music scene made even stronger by ATL Collective. As a non-profit with ambitions of supporting musicians along their careers, we can’t think of a better way to offer connection, resources, and exposure to help grow careers.

– Create a prolific catalog built inspired by one classic album. The hope for Camp Collective is to create an eclectic collection of reimagined songs that can be performed and recorded under the ATL Collective banner and help spread brand awareness while furthering our central mission of supporting our city’s musical talent.

– Take a giant leap towards growing and diversifying our programming. This style of project amps up our mission and moves the organization in a direction which can lead to even more impactful offerings to support our music community.

The application deadline for the 2021 Camp Collective has passed. Please stay tuned for future camp opportunities as they become available.